Services Provided:

  • Janitorial Services
  • Carpet and Upholstery Service
  • Floor Care
  • Marble and Natural Stone Service
  • Skilled Labor Service
  • Construction Cleaning
  • Construction Labor Service
  • Porter Service
  • Window Cleaning
  • Water Clean-Up
  • Project Management Facility Consulting Service
  • Parking lot Sweeping
  • Landscaping and Grounds Keeping
  • 24/7 Emergency Repairs
  • Ballast Replacement
  • Carpentry Repairs
  • Carpet/Tile Repairs & Replacement
  • Ceiling Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Floor Maintenance
  • Group Relamping
  • Facility Management
  • Integrated Facility Service
  • Route Facility Service
  • Cement Polishing
  • Cement Overlay and Micro-topping
  • HVAC Preventive Maintenance and HVAC Repairs/Replacements
  • Lock and Door Repairs
  • Painting/Wallpapering
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Sign/Neon Repairs
  • Store Front Repairs/
  • Violation Correction
  • REO/Foreclosure clean up and maintenance
  • Pre-Opening/Closing Clean-Up for residential and commercial
  • Disaster / Fire / Water cleaning and restoration
  • Parking lot Sweeping

1. Process:

CCS addresses business problems and opportunities per location by designing a situational analysis process. We deliver a programmatic and structured approach to achieve operational excellence that is second to none.

CCS believes that the development and execution of industry-leading solutions and services comes from disciplined and methodically customized planning processes. Exceptional customer services is achieved by a commitment to process design and continuous improvement. CCS believes that effective processes and standard operating procedures, coupled with timely performance measurements, enables CCS and the client to achieve optimal execution and a long-standing partnership.

We are recognized for being citizens of each client’s industry. We deliver leadership and support services that focus on quality, safety, and performance management as the cornerstones of our service delivery model.

2. Innovation:

Quality is at the core of all we do at CCS. Our Quality Management Systems helps us ensure the best possible outcome in every situation. We’ve implemented rigorous quality control processes including real-time equipment tracking, status updates and environmental management systems for the safety and health of our employees.

Innovation with quality oriented learning principals, plays a vital role within our service delivery model. CCS maintains a dedicated client solutions team that is responsible for managing effective and risk-free transitions and production support services. Our team deploys the necessary process design and technology toolkits as a part of each client startup. They also play a key role in our account management model, bringing forward new market-leading ideas and solutions

3. Quality Standards

Our specialized services organizations and industrial sectors are built around Customer service. To meet our clients’ special needs, we’ve developed custom service bundles that encompass environmental safety standards and in-built quality control best practices.

Elements such as controls, job management, defined and well managed processes, performance and integrity criteria, and identification of records

Competence, such as knowledge, skills, experience, and qualifications

Soft elements, such as personnel, integrity, confidence, organizational culture, motivation, team spirit, and quality relationships.

Controls include inspection, where every step is examined visually, and often using technologies for fine inspection detail before the service is delivered to the customer. Inspectors will be provided with customized tools and documentation to surgically inspect each location.

CCS ensures service outputs by methodically following these aspects in every inspection.


When you want to go green with an existing building, you can take steps to reduce environmental impact without making major structural changes. By effectively managing the way a building is cleaned, uses water and energy, you can improve its carbon footprint and cut utility bills. As you plan ways to go green, start with small changes, which can add up to a big impact.

How CCS can Serve Green

CCS takes holistic approach to green cleaning incorporating solutions that consider human health and environmental impacts in a way that thoughtfully addresses:

– Products, equipment and tools

– Processes and procedures

– Commitment to continuous improvement

Updating your building’s lighting to make sure it uses energy efficiently. Change existing light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs, which use up to 75 percent less power. Updated your EMS system with time on and off commands; if EMS is not available, put lights on a timer so they automatically shut off at night or when you are away.

Making sure your building is well insulated, so you are not wasting energy on heating or cooling. Start by checking that insulation is up to code, particularly in unheated spaces; if you have walls that border uninsulated outbuildings, make sure that they are well protected. Insulate pipes that pass through cold spaces to ensure that you don’t lose heat.

Reducing your building’s electricity use. Plug groups of appliances into a smart power strip that uses a timer mechanism to turn them all off at a certain time. Even when they are turned off, electronics often have phantom power use when plugged directly into the wall. Set computers to turn off after being inactive for a certain time and eliminate screen savers, which use as much energy as active screens. If you have the capital, invest in a timer system that switches off the power to nonessential systems each night.

Turning down your heating and cooling system when your building is not occupied. By dropping the heat by 10 degrees over eight hours, you can reduce energy use by 10 percent. You can also turn your water heater off when the building is empty over vacations. You should also make sure that your heating and cooling systems are maintained regularly so they use energy efficiently and last longer.

Reducing the amount of water you use for normal operations throughout the building. Fix leaks and replace your existing fixtures with low-flow options. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, low-flow shower heads save over 7 gallons per minute. You can also use dual-flush toilets.